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Why is sustainable forest management important in cardboard production?

Why is sustainable forest management important in cardboard production?

Thousands of trees are lumbered every single day to meet the demands of businesses and corporations, and as a result, the role of sustainable forest management has never been more important. It could be argued that people are becoming increasingly more aware of the effect we are having on our environment (highlighted by the 1.6 million votes the Green Party received over the last two elections), so what can we do to ease the strain on our forests?

The responsibility lies with manufacturers and production companies. Fast Pak Packaging has risen to the challenge and is doing its bit in preserving the planet through a forest management programme. So why is sustainable forest management important?

Well, forest management is a concept specifically designed to combat the human impact on our trees and wooded areas by replacing every fallen tree with a seed for a new growth.

To understand the true importance of forest management, however, we must first understand the importance of trees to our environment and all the benefits they offer to us as a society.

Why is sustainable forest management important for the health of our ecosystem?

Our forests are one of the most vital components of our ecosystem, absorbing carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere and producing oxygen. Not only do they contribute to our health, they also house the millions of other aspects of our eco-system such as birds and insects and a whole host of other interesting species.

Now that we have dealt with the main environmental issues, let us discuss how forest management affects your business and how it continues to put your favourite products on the shelves.

The predominant purposes of forest management are to 1) preserve the health of our eco-system, and 2) provide a sustainable source of materials.

Different types of trees can be used for an array of products and materials. With billions of trees chopped down every single year, forest management is the only option available when it comes to replenishing these materials and keeping the planet in a fit state for us to live on.

Away from forest management, businesses themselves are becoming more eco-friendly and are taking greener steps in their production processes. Particularly in the process of producing paper and card, excess materials from cutting and pulping are recycled and reused to make sure no materials go to waste. Companies are now packaging their products in a more efficient way to reduce their effect on the environment.

So, why is sustainable forest management important in cardboard production?

Particularly in the case of Fast Pak Packaging, forest management is a huge step in the right direction of encouraging other businesses to follow suit, producing a sustainable source of materials while simultaneously maintaining the health of our eco-system.

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